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Please FLOOD; by phone and by email, your emphatic objection to the lowering of the experimental mRNA vaccination operation to the 12-15 year old age group in Israel. This is an experimental technology never before tested on the general public and one with documented known risks. Recent data from the Israeli Pfizer vaccination program has shown increased risk of myocarditis in younger people who have received this injection. Children are a population not at risk for a Covid-19 infection. The risk benefit analysis is not in favor of testing on our children. Please help our children, and thus your own, by making your stance heard.

Yuli Edelstein

יולי אדלשטיין

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis

יו״ר הוועדה- ד״ר שרון אלרעי פרייס

טלפון: 054-5455083


Dr. Nachman Ash

ד"ר נחמן אש


Prof. Hezi Levi

פרופ' חזי לוי

Dear _________


I emphatically object to the extension of the vaccination program to children 12-15 years of age in Israel.


According to your own data, there is zero statistical risk of Covid-19 for children. This injection program, therefore, is not medically indicated for the younger population.


The experimental mRNA vaccine is still in its clinical stage and is only authorized under emergency use. There is no emergency for our children regarding a Covid-19 infection.


Israel’s own Ministry of Health has reported dozens of cases of heart muscle inflammation in young people that is “likely” connected to the Pfizer mRNA shot.

According to your own data, there is ample reason to fear that the risk of heart issues, including myocarditis, will increase in the younger population with the mRNA injection.


The Nuremberg Trials and subsequent Code established medical ethics to which all human beings are entitled. Among these is that no one can be manipulated, forced or coerced into taking an experimental drug. Participation in clinical trials requires written consent made of informed and free choice. What is being proposed here in Israel does not comply with basic human rights and morality.


I request that you “cease and desist” from this illegal and immoral activity, lest the results of this experiment be set among the atrocities of history.



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