The Common Denominator with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Leah Wilson Interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel, Israeli Activist and Human Rights Advocate | Stand for Health Freedom. This is such an important interview! In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director and Co-founder Leah Wilson interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel, who began sharing about the drastic occurrence of events rolled out for digital tracking and compulsory COVID-19 vaccination use in Israel earlier this year. Ilana warns that history of a segregated, two-class society, is starting to repeat itself with the introduction of health passports. 


Ilana shares her observations and experiences over the unjust repercussions she sees happening in Israel over the controversial and untested policy and clear discrimination ramifications of health passports, which are being sold to the global public at large as the “ticket” to re-enter society and bring people their “freedom” back after lockdowns. 

Take action and stand up against Health Passports.