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Ilana Rachel Daniel speaks here with Del Bigtree about the new Human Rights party and movement Rappeh, formed to push back against the alarming anti democratic policies of the Israeli government

 The Common Denominator with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Leah Wilson Interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel, Israeli Activist and Human Rights Advocate | Stand for Health Freedom. This is such an important interview! In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director and Co-founder Leah Wilson interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel, who began sharing about the drastic occurrence of events rolled out for digital tracking and compulsory COVID-19 vaccination use in Israel earlier this year. Ilana warns that history of a segregated, two-class society, is starting to repeat itself with the introduction of health passports. 


Ilana shares her observations and experiences over the unjust repercussions she sees happening in Israel over the controversial and untested policy and clear discrimination ramifications of health passports, which are being sold to the global public at large as the “ticket” to re-enter society and bring people their “freedom” back after lockdowns. 

Take action and stand up against Health Passports.

אילנה רחל דניאל, היא חברת מפלגת רפא המתמודדת לבחירות הקרובות. לאחרונה, יחד עם רבים מחברי המפלגה והפעילים שלה, היא חשה את זרועות הצנזורה נשלחות ונלפפות סביב צוואר המפלגה עד להשתקת קולם בתקשורת המרכזית והרשתות. צעקתה לעולם יצאה באופן ספונטני בהודעה קולית לחברה, פעילה חברתית גם כן, ומשם היקום עשה את שלו, ההודעה עשתה סיבוב סביב העולם, ושבה לפה. הזמנתי את אילנה לספר לנו על מה שהיא עברה שהביא לשליחת ההודעה המטלטלת הזו, על אודות הצנזורה, על הבחירות ועוד. תרגום וכתוביות: אלונדע ומיכל סימפלר

לראיון ביו-טיוב Outcry to the World

Ilana Rachel Daniel, is a member of the Rafa party running in the upcoming elections. Recently, along with many of her party members and activists, she has felt the arms of censorship being sent and wrapped around the party’s neck until their voices are silenced in the mainstream media and networks. Her shout to the world came out spontaneously in a voice message to society, a social activist as well, and from there the universe did its thing, the message made a round trip around the world, and came back here. I invited Ilana to tell us about what she went through that led to the sending of this shaky message, about censorship, about the election and more. Translation and subtitles: Alonde and Michal Simpler

For a YouTube interview Outcry to the World